Yacht Charter in any of these Popular Venues

Expand your horizons with a yacht charter. Whether you're in the islands of the Bahamas or having a festive weekend in St Barts, our luxury boat rentals are the perfect topping.

Why Charter a Yacht

While chartering a yacht may seem intimidating, due to the lengthy and confusing processes of many traditional charter houses, you shouldn't put off the idea. As we at Boat4ADay have simplified and streamlined the entire charter process. Now you're only virtually a click away from the most lavish accommodations, top-of-the-line amenities, professional crew, and an endless combination of travel premiums you've always wanted.

Imagine being able to go anywhere you want to go, at your own time and at your own pace. Compared to regular tours and excursions, chartering a yacht offers travellers a more luxurious dimension to world-famous destinations. If a boat vacation tailored to your needs and preferences sounds like the perfect getaway, you can start on your travel plans with our luxury boat rentals.

Day Yacht Charter with Boat4ADay

As our focus is on day charters, we are uniquely positioned to iron out travel details to perfection for our clients, in order to deliver them the most rewarding guest experience.

On our site, you can complete the booking process in a matter of a few minutes and at any hour of the day. Should you run into any problems, our staff is on standby to assist you with whatever concern you may have.

Behind Boat4ADay is a management team with over 50 years of combined experience in the charter industry and yacht management. All yachts in our listings have been vetted and have undergone a strict screening process; we never compromise safety, crew training and certification, insurance, and legal documentation needed for chartering. Our specialists conduct regular inspections so you can rest assured you’re choosing among the best yachts in the market.

How it Works

On the Venue page where you wish to charter a yacht, select a charter destination then enter your preferred date to view the available boats.

Once you have decided on a boat simply click the Charter button. At this stage you need to be registered / logged in so that we can save your charter selections - you will be prompted to do so.

Now enter the charter period, start time and number of guests. You can add additional information and you must accept the terms of charter. When done click the Reserve button.

That's it!

We'll do a last minute check to confirm that the boat and times are in order and let you know within a short while. When all is confirmed you will be directed to your MyAccount pages where you can accept the charter agreement and make payment (card or transfer). We'll take it from there - getting everything ready for the day.

All that's left for you to do is have a great day aboard!

If you can't find what you're looking for among our options for luxury boat rentals, or if you’re new to the adventures exclusive to a yacht charter, please do not hesitate to Contact us; we'd be glad to hear from you.