Ibiza Yacht Charter

Recommended destinations on your All Inclusive Ibiza yacht rental . . .

Ibiza the Perfect Getaway

Ibiza yacht charter

Discover the beauty of the real Ibiza from the deck of your charter yacht as you cruise from idyllic bays to trendy beach bars and everything in between.

Deep-red rocks covered in lush green pines, mirrored in the crystal clear waters of this stunning island are what you will experience as you cruise the coastline.

Whatever you choose to do on your Ibiza yacht charter you will want to come back and discover more!

Ibiza yacht charter

Browse our All Inclusive destination packages to find an experience that perfectly fits your family’s desires or take the Captain's Cruise and leave it up to the captain to treat you to the hotspots!

At Boat4ADay, we take pride in providing you with the best Ibiza yacht charter service there is - start on your travel plans right now by selecting your destination.

Explore the Islands

Balearic Islands map

The island is situated off the east coast of Spain, 150 km from the city of Valencia. While it is well known for its nightlife and club scene, large numbers of tourists are also attracted by the perfect boating conditions and stunning water sport venues.

If tranquility is the remedy for too much partying then head around the coast to one of the many beautiful, natural and quiet beaches like Salinas, Playa Niu Blau and Cala d'Hort where you can anchor off and dive into the pristine water followed by a delicious lunch on deck.

Ibiza Beaches

Enjoying a day on the sun deck, entertaining your dinner guests in a spacious and modern salon or going on a week-long island exploration - we have just the boat in our charter fleet for you.

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